2019 Route

The route will start in Tanger, located at the Strait of Gibraltar. Easy to reach by plain or by ferry from Tarifa, Algecira (Gibraltar by train or flying), Barcelona, Sète France or Savona Italy.

After leaving Tanger, it goes over the Rif mountains to the Middle Atlas, crosses the High Atlas Range and after the Anti Atlas it crosses again the High Atlas to the finish at Essaouira (As -Sawirah), an old town with a harbor, beaches, restaurants and bars at the Atlantic Ocean.

The route of the Morocco Bike-Adventure brings you to rural places not many tourists see. It don’t follows petrol station shops and sometimes you have to spend the night under millions of stars.

From Essaouira you get in 3 hours by bus to Marrakech or Casablanca. You have the choice of several connections per day. There is also an airport at Essaouira, for example Easy Jet offers flights from Essaouira.

Standard route: 1760km and 31’800m vertical climbing

 – 562km piste (unpaved roads)
 – xxxkm mixed road surface
 – 1000km not always what you are used from central Europe or Spain,
    but you will like it after several km on a piste
 – lowest route point: 0m
 – highest route point: 2870m

Extended route: 2900km and 39’600m vertical climbing

 – 1131km piste (unpaved roads)
 – 200km mixed road surface
 – 1569km not always what you are used from central Europe or Spain,
     but you will like it after several km on a piste

The extendet route brings you further south east to the Sahara. More pistes and dunes are waiting for you, more riding skills and experiences are asked for these part of the route and warmer temperatures are waiting for you.
Riders have to reach the checkpoint at km 900 in a limited time to continue with the route extensions. The time limit will be calculated on a basis, that it’s possible to finish for the finisher party riding the extensions. There is no need to decide which way you take from the checkpoint km 900 further, as long you are not there.

The extension consists of two parts, the “Erg Chebbi” with 640km and the “Erg Chigaga” with 1093km. After finishing the “Erg Chebbi” loop, you follow again for 116km the standard route. To go on for the “Erg Chigaga” loop, 1253km to the finish, you have to arrive at the CP again in a time limit, otherwise you continue with the standard route, 770km to the finish in Essaouira.

Expect all kind of roads, it’s Morocco, it’s Africa. You will cycle trough canyons and climb over mountain passes 3000m above sea level. You will come along wild, dry stretches and oasis. What bike is the best? What tyre choice brings you to the finish?

Take a look to the photos made during the route scouting in October and November 2018. > click here for the photo album

The route is subject to change, it can change till summer 2019.
A route book with informations that helps you to prepare your adventure, is available for registered riders.