Cycling from Tanger to Essaouira in Morocco over the Atlas mountains. Start where the NorthCape-Tarifa adventure finishes, about 17km south of Tarifa, in Africa.

When you start the “Morocco Bike-Adventure”, you dive into a world far away from your comfort zone! You conquer the African continent on your bicycle! Far away from civilization, you see places where hardly a tourist will ever get there…

Morocco Bike-Adventure is a single-stage, unsupported,  cycling adventure across Morocco.

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An event from Transbike-Adventures.

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A view km south of Europe in the north of Africa at Tanger is the start for the Morocco Bike-Adventure 2019. Same place that was scenery of the James Bond “The Living Dayligth”. On the way to the finish at Essaouira the route comes along other film places. One of them, that was also scenery for a James Bond film and the movie “The Mummy”, an old vulcano crator “La Cárcel Portuguesa” will be an other check point.

  • start: Tanger, Morocco / October 5th 2019
  • finish: Essaouira, Morocco
  • finisher party: Essaouira, October 19th 2019 from 19:00 on
  • standard route: 1760km and 31’800m vertical climbing
  • extended route: till 2900km and 39’600m vertical climbing
  • route: Moroccos roads and piste, all kind of road surfaces
  • for who: experienced bikepackers, this will not be your first bikepacking adventure
  • limited starting field for the 1st edition

So far riders from Belgium, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom are at the start. Most of them targeting the standard route, a few for the extensions. But every rider can decide on the route.