2021 piste route

The 2021 route starts again in Tangier. After leaving Tangier, it goes over the Rif mountains to the Middle Atlas, crosses the Sahara desert and heads over the Anti Atlas to the finish at Sidi Ifni, an old Spanish town with a harbour, beaches, restaurants and bars on the Atlantic Ocean.

Piste route: 1,900km and 20,000m vertical climbing

The first 390km are same as in the 2019 Morocco Bike-Adventure. Then the route goes with less climbing over the Middle Atlas to the Sahara desert. Two very big climbs in the Middle Atlas are bypassed more west and not part of the route in 2020. Trough the Anti Atlas the route heads to the finish Sidi Ifni at the Atlantic Ocean. On the longer stretches without resuply, the route uses empty paved roads, that brings riders easy forward. It changes between piste and paved road sections. You have options along the route, to change over to the road route.

 – 650km / 35% piste (unpaved roads)
 – lowest route point: 0m
 – highest route point: 1803m
– recommended tire size: 47mm +

To make it to the finisher party, an average of 127km per day must be cycled.

(subject to change)

Extensions: additional 1,100km and 11,000m vertical climbing in total

You have the choice to go for up to 3 route extensions. “Ahouli Mines”, Boudnip to Merzouga all on the piste (148km piste) and”Tizi-n’Ouano” 2910m in the High Atlas. This makes it challenging even for the best riders. Make your decission at the start of each extension.

 – 1400km / 60% piste over the max. distance (unpaved roads)
 – lowest route point: 0m
 – highest route point: 2870m
– recommended tire size: 50mm

To make it to the finisher party, an average of 190km per day must be cycled.

Extensions: blue, green and red (subject to change)

Take a look to the photos made during the route scouting in October and November 2018 and 2019. > click here for the photo album
Check also the photos from the 1st Morocco Bike-Adventure in 2019.

A route book with informations about accomodations and shops that helps you to prepare your adventure, will be available for registered riders.