Go, Kevin!

Good luck to Kevin Denson – finisher of the 2nd Morocco-Bike Adventure – piste route, who will ride the #festive500 in one go!

He will be raising money for two charities:

Pink Ribbon Foundation

Friends of Herne Hill Velodrome

Go, Kevin!

Read his story: “Flu and 3 weeks off the bike has not been the greatest preparation for riding the furthest single ride I have ever attempted. As one of ten riders chosen to ride the Rapha festive 500 in one ride on the 27th and 28th of December at the iconic Herne Hill Velodrome raising money for The Pink Ribbon Foundation and Herne Hill Velodrome.

Read my story here: https://supportus.fhhv.cc/fundraising/kevinsHHVF500“.

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Erg Chigaga checkpoint.

Lamri Adjis and Kevin Denson at the checkpoint in Erg Chigaga – the largest and wildest sand dunes in Morocco.

Inquiry for road and the piste route are open.

Road route – slots are being booked fast! The course is designed for everyone who enjoys long stretches with limited services and without traffic and some awesome climbs with the amazing landscape – from mountain ranges to the Sahara desert.


The piste route – is for experienced cyclists. The course will test riders’ physical and mental limits – a hard yet fulfilling experience. It`s a real off-the-grid adventure.


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Registration for 2022 opens 8pm today

Ahouli Mines – piste route. Some impressions from this October Morocco-BikeAdventure. Lead, antimony and galena were mined by the French. Till 45’000 people worked here and 3500 lived permanently here.

These are just photos, it’s something else when you are there.

Registration for 2022 opens 8pm today.

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Some more impressions

Some more impressions from the route scouting in Morocco last weeks. The 2022 Morocco-BikeAdventure will start October 8th for the piste route and October 9th for the road route.

More informations on the website morocco-bikeadventure.com.

photos: Sahara desert November 2021

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From Tan Tan to the sand dunes at Merzouga

Last 2 weeks we have explored 1200km pistes on our bikes. From Tan Tan to the sand dunes at Merzouga. Amazing sceneries, loneliness, just mind-blowing! The 2022 Morocco-BikeAdventure route will get some changes again, new sections. The start will be still in Tangier and the finish at Sidi Ifni.

For the piste route, you can enter your application from December 1st on. 20 slots are available.

Do you like riding long distances without cars…

Do you like riding long distances without cars, without services, 2900km remote landscapes…

Morocco-BikeAdventure road. 2nd edition will start October 9th 2022.

30 slots available. Registration open from December 1st 2021.

Foum Zguid to Zagora today, 120km cruising with 35km/h

Kevin finished the piste route Ext.1 in 14 days

Kevin finished on the 2182km piste route with extension 1 in 14 days and 5h. The piste route is not to compare with the road route. Piste is not gravel. Piste means anything where the pavement ends and a real off road car is needed. It was Kevins first bikepacking event.

Congratulations Kevin! What an effort! Well done!

“Keep your bike as simple as possible”

“Keep your bike as simple as possible” what i lurned on this journey. Francisco finished yesterday after 14 days and 3 hours. He started for the piste route and changed to the road route from Missour on after he had problems with the wheels and the cassette.

Congratulations Francisco! Impressive how you finished this challenge!

Mex finished in 13 days and 6 hours

Mex from Austria finished on the road route 2 days ago in 13 days and 6 hours. This is still and impressive 160km per day. Mex is new in bikepacking. He traveled all over the world on his motorbike the years before. And he decided short time before the start, to go for the Morocco-BikeAdventure.

Congratulations Mex!

Kevin at Erg Chigaga

Two days ago Kevin was in the Erg Chigaga section. Big dunes and the only access over Maroccon pistes. Good navigation skills are needed to not get lost. Maybe the hardest part of the whole route. This year after almost 2 years without any tourisme in Morocco, more sand then usual on the piste.Kevin is the only rider left on the piste route with extension 1.

Irena comimg from extension 2 in the high Atlas arrives at Mhamid soon. At Mhamid where the road enda, rider feel like at the end of the world.

Kevin refelling water at a desert camp at the checkpoint Erg Chigaga.

Irena made it to Tizi-n’Ouano

Irena made it yesterday morning to Tizi-n’Ouano the highest route point, with 2910m one of the highest drivable pass in Morocco. She is the only rider going for the extension two and the whole 3000km route.

Jamie Oliver finished 2nd on the road route

Jamie Oliver finished this morning 06:53 in Sidi Ifni the road route. He needed 6 days and 21 hours. That makes an avereage of 307km per day.

Congratulation Jamie! Well done!

Francisco is the last rider aproiching Erg Chebbi, the biggest sand dunes in Morocco. He chnaged to the road route. Lamri and Irena are heading for extension 2 to the High Atlas while Peter and Kewin will skip extension 2.

Lamri take exit 1

On the piste Boudnip to Merzouga Lamri decided to take the exit to “Valée de Ziz”. Why he is currently off route. This is an option riders can choose but will result in a penalty.

Lamri in the Ahouli mines

Askan finished in 5 days and 13 hours

Askan von Schirnding finished tonight 22:49 the 2113km road route with 22’000vm in 5 days and 13 hours. He cycled 381km per day. Congratulations Askan for this big effort! Well done!

His comment: “Die Route war übrigens sagenhaft geil 👍👍👍”
(the route was incredibly awesome)

Askan in Sidi Ifni

day 6: 160km no services

Lamri and Irena arrived this afternoon at Boudnip and continued to Merzouga. A 160km Moroccan piste without any services.
Francisco had mechanical problems and went by car back to Missour to solve it. The wheel was bent and the cassette not working anymore. He is meanwhile back on route.

Askan has only 90km left to the finish in Sidi Ifni. If everything goes well, he will finish the 2100km in less then 7 days.

photos: from Irenas setup in Boudnip, bike loaded with 6l of water

Day 4 of the Morocco-BikeAdventure 2021

At day 3 Kevin got sick and went off route to stay at a hotel. He is back in this morning in 2nd position on the piste route. Irena is leading the piste route. Lamri and Peter went last night also off the route to stay in a hotel and are now on their way to checkpoint 2 the Ahouli mines.

Askan cycled on the road route already more then 1400km and has less then 700km to go. He could arrive at the finish in Sidi Ifni in 2 days.

Day 3 of the Morocco-BikeAdventure 2021

It’s day 3 and all riders are still on the route.

Askan is leading on the road route and has already more then 800km cycled. He is in the Middle Atlas and will reach checkpoint 3 “Valée de Ziz” a palmtree oasis in the Sahara desert soon. Jamie is 160km behind Askan followed by James another 150km behind.

On the piste route are the distances between the 3 leading riders not that big. Peter is currently in lead, followed by Irena and Lamri about 10 minutes behind Irena. 20km behind Lamri is Kevin in 4th position followed by Francisco 60km behind.

Lamri and Irena having lunch at the tough section after Chefchaouen