…it was one of the best downhills in his life.

While working on the website I came again over this photo with Daniel in the descent from Tizi-n’Ouano 2910m, with almost 3000m altitude one of the highest drivable roads in north Africa. Steffen told me, it was one of the best downhills in his life. I waited on the route up there with my camera and the 200mm objective mounted. Without mobile access it was difficult to catch him and while waiting for him, i had a nice chat with a kit looking for the sheeps of the family up in the mountains. He was very interested about the world, about my gear, about the riders and he knew a lot. He remembered exactly the date of the early snowfall a year ago, that made it unpossible for me, to cross the pass with my bike, even i made it higher up as any car, and i had to return at about 2500m altitude where more then 1m snow was on the road. The boy had only old sandals on his feet. And after i made the last Photos from Daniel, already far down, he asked, if i have some old shoes for him. Sadly i had only the one i weard myself. But he was very happy, when i offered him a pack of chips.

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