Donncha Cuttriss about Morocco-BikeAdventure :

“Happy New Year! If interested in an incredible bikepacking adventure for 2021 I highly recommend the Morocco Bike Adventure on 9 October. Its a great adventure for anyone and also a serious test for any competitive racer who can hold it together physically and mentally for a few weeks, the time which it will take to finish the 3000 km of the optional long route. The route combines a diverse range of incredible scenery and surfaces including shifting desert sands, rough piste and gravel. Strategy, logistics, planning, adaptability and resilience will be needed as riders will be seriously isolated with few and meagre options for resupply in rural Morocco where on occasions you may only find a few packet of wafer biscuits and tins of tuna. Andi Buchs has put years of work into this race and has divised a route which is simply breathtaking. The best thing is that this event doesn’t attract too many entrants so participants can mostly enjoy the route and experience as if out there on her/his own. However, when you do meet another participant on the course its just beautiful.”

Photos from the route: Morocco Bike-Adventure 2019

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