Morocco bicycle adventure – organized tour

A journey in a time machine.

The Rif mountains, the Atlas mountains and the Sahara desert. From the Mediterean sea to the Atlantic Ocean in the south of Morocco.

In the last years we traveled Morocco on the bike and have meanwhile a book of pistes (dirt roads), places to visit, not many tourist get to see in Morocco. In 2023 we will offer 2 or 3 organized bicycle journeys in Morocco. The dunes of Erg Chigaga, an underground village, the pistes from the legendary Paris-Dakar, remote Riads no paved road brings you there.
You travel light with the safety of a car in the background, that brings your luggage to the places we stay the nights. On the stages you can cycle alone and go for your own pace or together with other participants.

Each journey will be limited for 8 riders maximum.

More details will be available end of November 2022.

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